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PharmaRelations´dynamic portfolio of Talent Solutions for Life Science

We provide companies with a flexible portfolio of different Talent Services to chose from and combine. Our services evolve in close contact with our clients, we constantly innovate and develop to meet  industry needs.

” Try and Hire” is a  specific service where consulting and recruitment are combined. You start out with a consultant, later recruit the person. PharmaRelations can offer the combination as we have the necessary infrastructure in place,  a unique differentiator.

Frame agreemets. Companies using PharmaRelations´ services on a more frequent basis, across countries, tend to enter into frame agreements with us, in order to save time and support their local teams. We have frame agreements across service areas as well as across borders, including pan-Nordic frames.

If you want to discuss a Frame agreement, contact 

Fredrik Anjou, e-mail:
Mobile: +46 (0)70-165 22 22

There are  tangible synergies between our different services, our consultant services make us faster recruiters as we constantly interview candidates, some 20 per week,  1000 per year. Our work process starts in reality  before we sign an assignment, as we constantly are on the market.

Our CV database is large and contains more than 10 000 CVs, updated every year with 1000 fresh interviews. 

”I started out planning to recuit, but was advised during the process that a ”Try and Hire” solution would be more beneficial for us. The advise was excellent and solved my problems faster and better” 

Our People Philosophy

Our business is all about people, realizing their full potential. Roles change constantly, today a candidate, tomorrow a customer or consultant, our job is the same, we match roles and career plans, we support and develop talent, there is a lot of synergies in our approach.

Our service portfolio