Fast track to an exciting Career

PharmaRelations´ business is all about people. We match the specific needs of our clients with the career aspirations of talented specialists in the Life Science industry.

Our success is built on the combined  mission of providing the best talent  to the industry ,  and building  solid and interesting careers  for individuals on a faster track. Top talent is key for our clients, PharmaRelations can only attract the very best if we add value to  your career plans. And we do.

”PharmaRelations helped me to understand how I could reach my career targets in a shorter time through consult assignments, the experience you gain is so valuable.” Arianne Kyller, Consultant 2016

PharmaRelations – Your Best Employer in Life Science

Our vision and guiding star in everyday work is that we want to be the Best Employer in Life Science in the Nordics. We have set ourselves a very ambitious target,  but we are determined to deliver. It will take some time, but we have a road plan.

Our business is all about peole, understanding motivations and aspirations. It is about our Career Building Philosophy but equally about style and approach, incentives to do a super job, job security , beeing listened to, influence, having fun, in short realizing the full potential of your professional life. 

Most of us want to  leave foot steps behind,  help developing the world into a better place for the future. In our book, the work for a better world, even on a small scale,  is part of being the Best Employe and understanding your motivations.

”When you enter into Pharmarelations´ office, you immediately sense the positive atmosphere, friendliness and helpfulness, it is always nice to come and visit”Kerstin Sundell, Consultant 2016
”Job  Security stems from constant development and learning, PharmaRelations helps me to learn more in a shorter time” Olof Lagerlund, Consultant 2016”PharmaRelations is a relatively small company, with high ambitions and  a soul and real people. Decision making is fast and you are always listened to” Ola Gustavsson, Product Manager Recruitment

Our Career Building Philosphy

In order to deliver the best consultants to ur clients in a very competetive market where talent is scarce, PharmaRelations has developed our Career Building Philosophy in order to attract the very best and most interesting persons  within Life Science.  We support in a very active way our associates in their endeavours to build interesting careers. Let us tell you more about this!

Improving the world is part of our package

” Most of us want to achieve something more than just prosperity for ourselevs and our families, we want  to help improve the world, make it a better place, even if on  a small scale. In PharmaRelations we have enabled the start of some 450 micro enterprices in India over a decade, together with HandinHand. During 2019 and 2020 we are focusing on lifting an entire village, Vasanthanadai, with 2300 inhabitants in Tamil Nadu, a project of much larger scope than we have ever undertaken before. We want each of our associates to feel that their work has contributed to a better life for one or more families in India”

Lena Hofsberger, Chairman of PharmaRelations.