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"25 years of supporting Nordic Life Science with consulting services for innovation and growth is the summary of our history and the reason for our existence. We are part of the Life Science industry, providing a full range of expertise and accelerating the development of the industry and people", says Lena Hofsberger, main shareholder and active chairman in the company.

Our People Philosophy

Our business is all about people, realizing their full potential. Roles change constantly, today a candidate, tomorrow a customer or consultant, our job is the same, we match roles and career plans, we support and develop talent, there is a lot of synergies in our approach.

Our Values

Growth - We grow people and companies. We see potential and opportunities.

Action - We act fast and like facts, innovation and growth can´t wait. 

Together - working together, adding competence and different   perspectives make us a strong team that provide  excellent  service to our clients.

Passion - Our passion is to grow people and companies in Life Science.

Courage - We challenge ourselves and our clients to find the best solution. We thrive on innovation and new ways of thinking.

Great Place To Work

Our organizations in Sweden and Denmark are certified according to Great Place to Work® international standard. We are now well on our way to become the most exciting and best company to work in Nordic Life Science.

Logtyper Sverige Danmark + Life is short...

Our values



We act fast and without delay. We are doers both when it comes to our external and our internal assignments. This makes it possible for us to accomplish a lot and outreach our goals.



We are passionate about people and business. We want to help customers, consultants and candidates in different phases of their careers. We are passionate about growing and developing PharmaRelations´ business.



Together in teamwork we know we reach further, and better results. Together and team effort is key to PharmaRelations being a successful company.



We have the courage to share our view to customer, clients and customers. We dare to question and we give advice.



We have belief in the future and take lead of the development of a healthy and steadily growth in our company.